Shifting from In-Person to Remote Research

We are no longer conducting “research as usual.” At Punchcut, we understand how needs are rapidly evolving (both collectively and individually) because of COVID-19, and we’ve responded by adapting our research practice to fully remote methods. While we are mixed-method researchers, the pandemic has introduced additional complexities, not just for…

We’re entering a time of exponential technological progress and growing human awareness, calling for more mindful, conscious forms of design.


Digitally Connected, but Disconnected

Over the past decade, digital technology has connected just about everything. From mobile to IoT, we’ve seen emerging technologies become normalized throughout the world. This digital transformation enables services to instantly connect us to our media, money, friends, family, healthcare, transportation, and more, from anywhere in the world.


Five Design Fundamentals for the New Designated Driver

Smart city intersection showing converging lines representing autonomous vehicle traffic

Autonomous vehicles are steadily becoming more capable, shifting the traditional driver role from active human piloting to passive monitoring. As AV technology continues to advance, social acceptance and driver adaptation will depend on designing experiences around trust, comfort, and control.

At Punchcut, we work with mobility companies around the world to research and design solutions that envision the path for innovation and implementation. Through our partnerships, we have identified five key fundamentals for designing and deploying driverless experiences.

“It’s a pretty exciting…

The finance industry has transformed from physical to digital experiences, but that is no longer enough. As people get used to pervasive access to assets experiences must become seamless not merely connected.

From Digitally Connected to Seamless

Everyday at Punchcut, we work with our financial clients to accelerate innovation and improve their customers’ experiences. In…


Punchcut is a digital product design and innovation company specializing in seamless products and services for emerging platforms.

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